Infrastructure Improvements

Nazare Updates

  • Board Sponsor: Ethan Shirley
  • Timeframe: 2015

Colégio Nazaré is an orphanage, foster care center, and shelter for abused and troubled youth; providing a home for over forty children. The infrastructure is greatly in need of renovation, specifically to repair concrete for buildings and sidewalks, replace broken windows, add locks to doors, reinforce roofs, and improve plumbing and lighting. We have joined with the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and Rotary Club of Poconé, Brazil to renovate the center.

Updates are currently in progress, with new windows, doors, and locks already in place, and further safety improvements on the way. New paint has brightened things up, and will help the buildings to age better. And most exciting for the kids (as well as an important safety improvement), work will begin soon on a new soccer court!